Daily dose of poetry for June

It’s been a real privilege to have poets including Brian Moses, A.F. Harrold, Sue Hardy Dawson, James Carter, Neal Zetter, Liz Brownlow, Matt Goodfellow, Coral Rumble and Julie Anna Douglas generously responding to my daily tweets and sharing their poetry. Many teachers have also risen to the challenge and posted poetry linked to the daily theme and there’s been a real conversation around poetry, which has been a daily joy! Children love poetry and if I can help teachers find some interesting ones that will make June #junepoetry , and this madness we have been going through, just a little more bearable.

This was on Twitter and wanted to share Jackie Kay’s wonderful poem. Jackie has kindly sent me the poem to share with you:

Poetry has never failed me and, for over thirty years, I have been using them to help children explore their lives, emotions, difficulties and challenges. I think that there is a poem for every moment in life. I asked people on Twitter what poetry they would share with their pupils and here is what they nominated. Many thanks all of you!

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