The day the crayons quit – Daywalt & Jeffers

It is about a boy called Duncan who receives a batch of letters from his disgruntled crayons. The different colours all write to him with very different tones.

The day the crayons quit
crayon book

I have used it for guided reading and to inspire writing. I have been sharing it on my training and in the schools where I work. Consequently, it is wonderful to see all the different responses that the children have given.

In Year 1 pupils have created lost posters asking people to look out for the crayons.


Whereas in Year 6 we focused on the use of punctuation and getting the tone just right! I created pop-up books and the pupils loved making them as you can see from their work and the display of the letters they produced.


Here are a couple of displays, from two different schools,  showing the impact of using the book on really grabbing everyone’s attention.


This book won’t fail!