The National Strategies units of work

There were a number of really effective units of work created by the National Strategy. I was a Literacy Consultant for a number of years and particularly liked the work that was produced on David Weisner’s amazing picture book ‘Tuesday’. 


I have used this text with almost every year group as it can be used to simply tell the magical story of flying frogs, but it can also be used in a much more sophisticated way as it is also a police investigation with evidence and victims. The National Strategy created planning for each Key Stage 2 year group. Sometimes children are asked to go into role as the flying frogs and focus on the different characters that would be found. Children create their own frogs and explore their characteristics!

Tuesday 2

I have used the text for exploring viewpoints. This double page allows the children to think about what each frog would be thinking, but also what the cat thinks about the situation and the old lady when she wakes up. Thought tracking and hot-seating are useful devices for helping children do this:


Have a look at the planning. I am sure you will find some fantastic activities to use with your class.

IdeasforTuesadyY5 IdeasforTuesadyY6 IdeasforTuesdayY3 IdeasforTuesdayY4

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