Meet Dawn Robertson

Welcome to my newly revamped web site.

I created this website a few years ago, when I became a freelance English consultant, but then life side-swiped me and it felt easier to give little sound bites on Twitter (@justdawned). Now, things have changed again and we are all in the middle of very unsettling times. It felt right to try to rebuild my website as sometimes you just want, and need, to say more!

Usually,  I offer school-based support to provide teachers and school leaders with practical, effective and stimulating strategies for raising pupil achievement in all aspects of literacy and across the curriculum. I also deliver training at Madeleine Lindley Book Centre in Oldham and in venues across the North West and further afield. However, these are not normal times! We are all reinventing ourselves and I’m working on lots of different packages at the moment. If schools want me to work directly with staff then I will come into school, but I am more than happy to use zoom, face-time, Skype or any other way to talk to teachers or to deliver training (I will have a go at anything in the name of education!). I am also working from home to create packs for schools, full of texts and resources to support their every need. Currently, I am devising new curriculum maps that will meet our ever-changing educational world! Just contact me and I will help in any way I can!

My experience:

I have run my own very successful consultancy company for a number of years and have recently been working nationally, and internationally, with a wide variety of schools developing all aspects of their English curriculum. I pride myself on helping schools construct a creative curriculum, covering all subject areas, that meets the needs of the pupils, with high-quality texts and experiences at the heart of their practice.

I was a Local Authority Literacy Consultant, working closely with pupils and teachers across the primary sector, to ensure that the delivery of their English curriculum was exciting and enriching, with a keen focus on attainment and progress I have been a Fischer Family Trust Wave 3 and Better Reading Partners trainer and am currently a Year 6 moderator, with a thorough knowledge of moderating and assessment. I have also been a consultant for the Rising Star’s reading scheme and a Prim Ed trainer for the Moderator’s Tool Kit.

I was a class teacher for 18 years and was a lead teacher working on the construction of a literacy-based curriculum and an authority poetry scheme. I also enjoyed my role as deputy when I was able to put all her ideas into whole school practice. My MA in Education and Diploma in Drama Teaching give me a strong educational and theoretical foundation to base my practice upon.

I still spend a great deal of my time modelling lessons and working directly with pupils and I am able to see what really works! I thoroughly enjoy training and aim to make it as practical and meaningful as I can because I believe that training, like teaching, should be both inspirational and fun!

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