I provide high quality, reasonably priced, INSET training for single schools, clusters and networks of schools.

Single school INSET:

I charge £950 (plus ‘at cost’ travelling expenses) for a day’s bespoke training for up to 40 teachers and always leave the school with a wealth of resources and ideas.

Staff meetings /twilights range between (£175 – £350 plus ‘at cost’ travelling expenses) depending on the length of the sessions.

More than one school INSET:

For two schools clustering the charge falls to £600 (plus ‘at cost’ travelling expenses) for each school. If more than two schools wish to cluster, the price will be negotiated depending on numbers. I regularly deliver training to large groups of teachers and have recently delivered poetry training to    8 schools at Gorton Monastery in Manchester, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

In-school support:

I also provide a wide variety of support days for individual schools. This might involve working on planning with teachers, modelling sessions, running workshops, auditing provision or completing a full book scrutiny. A flat rate of £575 a day (plus ‘at cost’ travelling expenses) will be charged for all in-school work.

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