Developing a love of poetry

I will work closely with teachers to show the power of poetry throughout school. I will share my knowledge of key poets and poems and give a wealth of practical advice in how to teach poetry in innovative and creative ways. This support could include in-service training and in-class support. I can deliver a workshop approach over the course of a day or two where I begin with an assembly about the love of poetry and then work across the school with each year group to support children to become poets!

The Battle 

I stood on the hill.

Fear choked me with its murderous hands

As the invaders advanced.

Every nerve in my body warned me not to fight.

Instinct screamed at me to run.

Yet, I stayed and fought for my country!

Endless waves of relentless death flooded towards us.

Did we stand a chance?

Many would say no.

They had powerful weapons,

But the real strength was in our hearts.

(Jacob Year 5 – after being inspired by an afternoon drama!)

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