Educational visits

Nell Bank, Bradford:

Emma, emailed me about her recent visit to Nell Bank ( near Bradford.

Nell Bank

I have never been there myself but it is at the top of my to-do-list with my own family and to find out what they can provide for schools. The web site looks really good and is full of things to do with your pupils.

Emma raved about the literacy lesson she did in their outdoor classroom and the opportunity to do really exciting work using texts like ‘Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward.


She built it a little home!

image (1)

Emma took this photo of a tree with giant’s fingers and told me the story of how the giant got stuck in the mud many years ago when roaming the forest looking for treasure. The only thing that was left of him was his fingers. They were told that children (and adults) could make a wish holding their hand up to the tree trunks making sure each finger is in front of a trunk.


It sounds like a magical place that would bring stories to life! She also told me that they made huge towers out of sticks they made.


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