Up and coming training courses

As you can imagine, all my training days are very much up in the air at the minute.

Normally, during the autumn term, I deliver my highly successful Bringing Literacy to Life training days for individual year groups from E.Y.F.S to year 6 at Madeleine Lindley Book Centre, Oldham. Each course unpicks the expectation for the teaching of literacy and shows how to use the latest resources to create a lively, learning curriculum:


I am working very closely with the team at Madeleine Lindley, at the moment, to see what we can do to ensure that these courses go ahead in some form. Their website will have the dates, once they are known, so just google http://www.madeleinelindley.com/  or give them a ring on 0161 683 4400.logo

I also deliver training across the country, often hosted by hub schools, so once the dust settles and we know more about what we can and can’t do as far a training is concerned, I will put all the new training titles, dates and venues on this website.  WATCH THIS SPACE!

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