Fun Reading Ideas

“Musical Chairs Reading”

(idea sent by K.Morte that she found on )

The children take all their chairs outside and the teacher places books onto the seat of each chair. Then music is played and when the music stops the children stop, sit down and start reading! Then when the music starts again the children walk around the circle until it stops again – then they sit down and start reading again. It gives the children the chance to read lots of different books and discover new authors and books. You can see photos and a video on the website above.

I thought it could be adapted for upper KS 2 by playing different pieces of music between each go and the children then have to read the text and see if their piece matches the music and give their reasons. This will support work on genre and also challenge children to read with accuracy and speed. I am going to give it a go as soon as I can find some willing children! If you can think of different ways to play it just drop me a line.

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