Sam’s Sandwich – Pelham

sams sandwich

I was absolutely delighted to see the re-issue of this wonderful ‘pop-out’ book that I used many years ago! ‘Sam’s sister wants a sandwich … but sneaky Sam can’t wait to add a few wriggling surprises of his own. Lift the flaps and find out just how disgusting Sam can make his sandwich!’

‘When Samantha wants a really special sandwich, her brother Sam offers to make her an unforgettable treat, filled with everything she wants … and a few not-so-delicious extras. Unfold the lettuce, tomato and cheese fillings in this sandwich-shaped book and guess which creepy-crawly rhyming surprise Sam has added to each layer for his greedy sister.’

I intend to share the text with all ages of children, as a stimulus for the children to make their own pop-out book, using folded paper. I want them to think of other versions too. Originally there was another book based on a pizza and even a burger, with special hidden surprises. I think that it will really engage children in using appropriate adjectives to describe the hideous gifts under the layers of food.

I think that this would be a great text to link with a growth topic or a healthy living focus, as the class could grow salad ingredients and then make a wonderful sandwich, before looking at this fun text:


It would also be an effective way for more reluctant writers to be encouraged to write by actually making the different parts of the book:


This could also be linked to other wonderful texts such as The Disgusting Sandwich by Gareth Edwards and Hannah Shaw.This is a real favourite of mine about a very hungry badger and his pursuit of a sandwich, that he just keeps missing!

the disgusting sandwich

I have a lovely badger that I use for telling the story and a real peanut butter sandwich that we destroy!

The giant jam sandwich

I also like a very old book all about a Giant Jam Sandwich!
It is quite an old fashioned book, but the text is really good for exploring and I just like the idea of using a giant sandwich to get rid of wasps. It also has a great sense of community, as everyone in the village works together to solve the problem:

The giant jam sandwich 2
The giant jam sandwich 3