Curriculum mapping

I have worked with a wide variety of schools, ranging from those in special measures to outstanding schools, to help them develop a challenging and engaging curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils. I am able to support senior management teams to create an effective curriculum map that links directly to the National Curriculum. Initially, the current curriculum will be audited to identify its strengths and any areas for development. I will then work closely with staff to develop a stimulating and engaging curriculum that teaches pupils appropriate core and foundation skills, whilst meeting the needs of the National Curriculum.


I then give the schools detailed learning journeys that make effective links between the curriculum areas and are supported by lists of appropriate texts and resources.

I have produced similar maps for specific areas, such as the teaching of poetry and these ensure that schools have something that they have created, with a little help from me, that really meets their pupils needs and is not simply a scheme that has been bought off the shelf!

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