Garden Glory

A friend sent me a great video of the most amazing gardens with their own art! Here are a few of the images:
I thought they would be a great way in to discussing different cultures as there are some great books out there that explore this through the theme of hair!:
My Hair by Hanna Lee and Allen Fatimaharan  is a real favourite as its rhyme is accessible to everyone and the images are fun and a great way to start discussions about style and cultural expectations.
We learn that everyone has different hair and we should embrace and enjoy that individuality about each other.
After a day of being taunted by classmates about her unruly hair, Mackenzie feels alone and unable to take any more. She goes to visit her neighbour, Miss Tillie, and learns, through the metaphor of looking after a beautiful garden, that her hair should be something to be proud of and cared for. Most importantly, Mackenzie learns that natural black hair is something to celebrate.

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