Books for whole school teaching

I am currently looking for high-quality texts to use for whole school projects in the autumn. This is one such book. It will lead to lots of work on well-being and growth and I’ll be able to use it with all year groups on different levels.
We all know that this time is one of the darkest storms we will ever have to face and we are going to have to wait a while for the sun to shine brightly every day again. During this summer term and then in the autumn, schools will have to support their pupils and help them understand all the different emotions that they have themselves and can see around them. I am also gathering ideas about the power of the hug and the smile! Watch this space!
We will also have to reinvent discovery for a while! I have spent so long working with amazing EYFS settings, who pride themselves of creating continuous provision that encouraged collaboration and wonder. They are now working tirelessly to make our Early Years provision exciting and inviting.
Here’s how an outstanding school @whitefieldhead still encourages curiosity in a time of change!

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